Three days of exceptional live music, drama, poetry, and commentary from local people, and visiting artists too, whose talent and creativity make Silver City and all of Grant County such a unique, lively region within Southwest New Mexico.

It’s all yours when you tune to KURU 89.1 FM or stream at

Thursday / Friday / Saturday
April 13 / 14 / 15

Don’t miss our 5th Pledge Drive and On-Air Fiesta live from the top of the morning until after the dinner hour!

We call our semiannual fundraising events funraising, because it brings GMCR / KURU listeners very special programming that we’re sure you’ll want to tune into and stay with throughout the day. Please support community radio by encouraging your friends to listen!

Along with the fun, this is a pledge drive, and we will be asking listeners to become members if they have not yet joined, to upgrade their memberships, and to make special contributions to help this community radio station continue to provide top-quality programming and fulfill its promise.

Please open your heart – along with your wallet – when you hear a request on the air.  Call in to 575.597.4891 or visit and click the Support tab at the top. The rest is easy!

We’ll also be asking you to help extend the station’s outreach by adding your voice to the Each One Reach One campaign. What can you do? Pick up a free GMCR / KURU bumper sticker at the station and put it on your car, and perhaps add one to the window of your home or business. Invite your friends to listen to your favorite programs, and encourage them to join and donate. GMCR / KURU needs everyone who values community radio to be part of the solid foundation of voluntary community funding that the station relies on.

I mentioned that this is our fifth pledge drive. The first four were wonderfully successful, and heartening to everyone who has worked so hard to make the station a reality.  The success of
GMCR / KURU’s progress to date – superb locally produced and nationally syndicated programming broadcast 24/7, and a dynamic role in the community – means it’s time to take the station to a higher level of organization and stability.  Now, more than ever, we need GMCR!

Our goal for this pledge drive is $25,000.  GMCR will always depend on dedicated, capable volunteers, but full-time staffing is essential as well.  We need to double the budget of the past year in order to hire staff at a modest but fair level of compensation. This is ambitious, but it’s necessary and it’s possible. It can be done if you and other listeners step up and help with your own memberships and contributions, and by helping us reach out to others.


Thursday / Friday / Saturday
April 13 / 14 / 15

turn your radio on and tune it to 89.1 FM, or visit and click one of the links on the right side of your computer screen to stream live. Listen to great programming, learn more about what GMCR / KURU has been doing and what the station’s future holds, and help us raise the funds that make it all possible!

We hope you’ll give us permission to thank you on the air. When your friends hear your name, they’ll be more likely to join you as a member and supporter of GMCR / KURU.

Thanks in advance for putting the You in commUnity!

Jamie Newton

Board of Directors
Jamie Newton Chair
Ken Keppeler Vice Chair
Kyle Johnson Secretary / Treasurer
Carolyn Smith Director

The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice

Gila / Mimbres Community Radio – KURU 89.1 FM
519 B North Bullard Street  Silver City, NM 88061
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Studio So Beautiful!

Come Visit our Beautiful New Studio...
Come Visit Us
At 519 B North Bullard Street / Corner of 6th
At 519 B North Bullard Street / Corner of 6th
In the heart of the historic arts & culture district
In the heart of the historic arts & culture district