And welcome back to KURU 89.1 FM!

Our apologies for the  interruption of our FM broadcast late Friday and Saturday.  Into each life some maintenance must fall and we had to troubleshoot and apply some tweaks at the tower.  Many thanks to our dear friends that responded so quickly and supportively in our hour of need!

We didn’t make a huge mention of it but July 1st was the 4th anniversary of the launch of GMCR’s webstream and 24/7 schedule of music, arts, culture, public affairs, Spanish language and locally produced programming.  And we have now been broadcasting on FM more than 2 & 1/2 years.  WOW!

Our recognition and community support continues to increase and we are delighted with your enthusiastic responses.

But running a community radio station – like almost any ongoing enterprise – requires constant vigilance, care & feeding, and, periodically, upgrades and improvements.  Recently, we’ve had a number of glitches and annoying interruptions to our broadcasts that are primarily due to growing pains in implementing some of these now necessary improvements.  In the next several weeks we may have similar glitches from time to time but hopefully fewer as we complete the changes, fine tune and get back to smooth sailing with a more robust network, increased security, greater resiliency, and additional features.

So enjoy and thanks for your patience and support!

Ground Zero

It is an uncomfortable distinction that we live in the nation – and the state – where the atomic age truly began with the detonation of the very first atomic weapon at the Trinity Site (http://www NULL.abomb1 NULL.html) in July 1945 and was followed within a few weeks by the First Use of atomic weapons against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

We – and millions around the world – revisit this issue on these anniversaries with acute awareness that the Doomsday Clock of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (http://thebulletin remains at 3 minutes to midnight.

As the oldest among us pass on, soon every single living human being will have been born into this nuclear nightmare and it may be decades – if not an eternity – before another human being is born into a world where this threat has been eliminated.

Beating swords into plowshares is an age old pursuit and we are currently in post production on two programs that address this and related issues.  The 1st is a recording of an event cosponsored by GMCR / KURU presenting the recently appointed director of Sandia National Laboratory, Jill Hruby (http://www NULL.sandia NULL.html).

This will be followed by an interview with Jill Hruby conducted jointly by Jamie Newton host of Civil Discourse and Allyson Siwik – coproducer of Earth Matters.

Stay Tuned!

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