Yikes!Lightning Strikes!

I’m sure many of you were wondering what happened to KURU 89.1 FM this past Monday afternoon just as you were settling in to listen to the 5pm rebroadcast of Democracy Now! or later that evening or the next day.  Wha’ ‘Appen?  Where’d they go?

Well, good news 1st…


In short, we had a pretty serious lightning strike here at the station which took out our modem, network, and a couple other pieces of gear.  Our next door neighbor, and our charming hostess for Local Flavor, Paula Geisler, were just walking out of the coop when – BOOM! – it struck the tower above the studio.  No one was inside when it occurred and there was no fire nor structural damage but it appears that the electrical surge followed the telephone wire into the building and, uh, had it’s say!

We did a bit of initial troubleshooting that evening but it was too late in the day to fully address the issue.  We resumed Tuesday morning, methodically going through unit by unit to see what was working  and what wasn’t.  And we got back on the air and the internet a bit after 1pm.

But that wasn’t the end of it!  Our automation computer that schedules our 24/7 programming also took a hit!

But as fortune would have it, we were already preparing to install a new computer that was/is still in BETA mode.  So once the signal path was restored, we switched over to the new computer and it seems to be behaving itself.  We still have some minor tweaking to do and hope that we’ve already had all the surprises we’re going to have.  But all looks well at the moment.  There may be a few glitches in the next few days so bear with us as we sort these out.  And many thanks to our friends and supporters that came to our aid.

But, then!  Just when we thought it was safe!..

Paula came in to the station this morning to host local flavor and barely escaped with her life!


Uh, I mean, Paula Geisler!This GIANT MONSTER attacked her!  Nearly bit off her foot!  Estimated at 12-15 feet long and 3 feet high at the bone crushing mandibles.

But fear not!  She battled back, forced it out the front door and it skulked off across the street.  This picture was taken where it was momentarily cornered behind the SC Food Coop but it escaped over the roof of their warehouse and down into the Big Ditch.  Nice day for a walk along the pathway there but CAUTION! – and bug spray – are advised.

All’s well that ends well.


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