We’re Baaaaaaaaack!!!

As we mentioned,
we get some powerful storms in Southwest New Mexico!

But you can’t keep a good community radio station down.

So, late afternoon yesterday we got back to radiating and GMCR / KURU 89.1 FM is back on the air thanks to the heroic efforts of our long time friend and supporter Kurt Albershardt.

To Recap

On Thursday evening, August 23, 2018, a lightning strike at the tower knocked out power and damaged some of our equipment.


Everything on the studio end of things was fine and we continued to stream all our regular programming at (http://phoenix NULL.omserver  For future reference, on every page of our site near the top of the right side bar is a link to the stream.  Just click and voila! (http://phoenix NULL.omserver  Or right click on the link, copy it and paste it into your preferred player.  If band width is an issue, we provide 3 options so even if you’re on dialup on the periphery, you can enjoy the same content as the more “urban” among us.

Meanwhile, back at the tower

Power was restored by PNM the next day, diagnostics began, replacement parts were identified, ordered, scrounged or otherwise, uh, acquired,  and repairs were undertaken.


We invite all of you that are reading this now to

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with a friend, colleague, hiking buddy, kith, kin, spiritual binary, affinity group member, neighbor, or pal, and invite them to become a member of GMCR / KURU!  While we’re delighted to have our FM broadcast back, it will take a little longer to pay for the repairs and equipment.  As you know we are almost entirely listener and member supported and that means we need more listeners and members!



Thanks again for your patience, and for your continuing support.
Community Radio depends on… The Community!

Are we forgetting anything? …  Oh, yeah!


democracy is whoever shows up!

Board of Directors
Jamie Newton Chair
Ken Keppeler Vice Chair
Kyle Johnson Secretary / Treasurer
Carolyn Smith Director
Candice Burke Director
George Carr Director

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At 519 B North Bullard Street / Corner of 6th
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In the heart of the historic arts & culture district