Monday morning, September 21st, at 10:00 am on KURU/GMCR, the Kindred Continuum show will feature a very interesting Smoke Signals, Apache Style show where Joe Saenz will speak about the environment, voting, story telling, and the Chiricahua Apache Nation and the Indian Child Welfare Act. Don’t miss it.


Also we will have a fundraiser starting on Thursday, Sept. 24th through Saturday, Sept 26th. It will feature some interviews with local people and with some folks from more distant places. Listen in from 8:00 am to 7:oo pm. It’s always interesting and it’s a good time to become a member, or gather up a few folks to become members. Go to and go to the ‘become a member’ or ‘support’ buttons and help your community radio station stay on the air and growing.

Four New Shows on KURU

A new show every Wednesday at 8:00 am,
right after Democracy Now.
It is ‘Friendly Fire, a Voice for Veterans’
 with host, Don Kimball.

It will be four different shows on different Mondays
The 1st Monday of the month: Wild Roots with Soraya
The 2nd Monday of the month: Resilient Voices with Laura Ramnarace
The 3rd Monday of the month: Smoke Signals, Apache Style with Joe Saenz
The 4th Monday of the month: Future Forward with Nick Prince
There will be more complete discriptions of the shows soon.
Quarentour: A socially distant concert series.

Tune into KURU GMCR 89.1 FM every Friday evening at 8PM to hear Marcus host his new show
And every Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM is
Big Band Resurrection
featuring Paula presenting big band music from the 1920’s on through the 1950’s.

Find out more about these shows each week at:



Link to most recent update

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a new local radio show began broadcasting on Monday, March 16 on KURU 89.1 FM to provide the Grant County community with daily updates on the local response to the virus. 

The show has moved to a weekly format and now airs five days a week at 12 noon on KURU 89.1 FM Silver City and will stream live at  The show rebroadcasts at 6pm and 8 am the following morning and will be available online at

“Coronavirus Update” focuses on the latest information on community strategies to slow the spread of the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease from the New Mexico Department of Health and local health care providers, local government and school officials, and local social service providers. Recognizing that school and workplace closures will broadly impact our community, information will also be provided on resources as they become available.

“Coronavirus Update” is brought to the Grant County community through a partnership between Gila/Mimbres Community Radio, Gila Resources Information Project, Healthy Kids Healthy Communities Grant County and the National Center for Frontier Communities.

Link to most recent update


Summer Fundraiser and Showcase of Local Talent
Thursday-Saturday, July 23-25, 2020



Attention!  !KURU Art Raffle!
We have three really nice paintings to raffle off.

The paintings will be exhibited at the
aSpA©E Gallery, 110 W. 7th Street
Silver City, New Mexico
The three works are by renowned local artists:
Tom Holt, Marilyn Gendron, and John Ashbaugh
See the paintings below.

We intend to sell 400 $25 tickets, and the first prize winner will get to choose which of the three paintings he or she would like, the second place winner picks between the remaining two and that the third place winner gets the remaining painting.
The Raffle will end as soon as we sell the 400th ticket.
Tickets can be purchased at these
convenient Silver City locations
Geisler Studio at Common Ground, 102 W Kelly
aSpA©E Gallery, 110 W. 7th Street
or, if someone is in the studio,
at KURU Studio, 519 B N. Bullard

Tom Holt

Tom Holt – Box Canyou Summer

Marilyn Gendron

Marilyn Gendron – Mimbres Valley Adobe

John Ashbaugh

John Ashbaugh – Mystical Union

Take a chance to win one of these fine paintings and to support you local community radio station.


Being Home

Being Home is a series of monthly vignettes about a rural community here in SW New Mexico, written and read by Catalina Claussen. She captures many of the adventures and quirks of the different types of folks that you may recognize in our part of the world. Her stories will be broadcast, starting in February, at 4:30 pm on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month
Ms. Claussen has written one program for each month of the year.

‘Being Home’ right here on KURU 89.1 FM, Silver City, New Mexico, A Voice and a Choice for SW New Mexico.
Also on the web at


Here are some of our past posts re: the asylum seekers.

Continuing coverage of the situation in Deming with the asylum seekers right here at your community radio station:
KURU 89.1 FM and at
A Voice and A Choice for SW New Mexico

A Special Lunch & Learn Presentation from Western Institute for Lifelong Learning

Deming Migrants: Trends – What We’ve Learned, How We’ve Changed, and What You Can Do

Western Institute for Lifelong Learning is presenting a special Lunch and Learn event. Ariana Saludares of Deming’s Young Mothers group and Barbara Gabioud of Silver City’s Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will share a brief account of the work that their communities have pulled together to do at the Deming migrant facility since it opened this past May, They are seeking volunteers to help continue this work throughout the coming months.

Where: The Global Resource Center ABC Room, WNMU When: Wednesday, July 31, from 12 Noon – 1:00 P.M.


GMCR’s previous coverage of this situation below.

Friday, July 12, 2019

We are in the 2nd day of programming concerning the situation with asylum seekers who have been transitioned out of Immigration authorities and are now here legally and are in the process of contacting their sponsors all over the country and are in need of assistance. They have been dropped off in Deming with no help or assistance in getting them to their sponsors. The people in Deming, Silver City and other communities are stepping up to help them. Listen to KURU today as we will have some programming relating to this problem. The station will be open until 5:00 PM today with snacks and tea and more. You can bring donations of money and items they need down there. You can call the station at 575-597-4891 to find out what is needed. We are also asking for new members for the KURU because this is what communities need – a community radio station that addresses local situations.  This page will be updated later as the day moves on.  Thank you.

Here are some contacts for more information on what is needed and how you can help:
The link for donations to Deming is:
There are links on the Colores United web page to their facebook page and other links as well.

The telephone number for Ariana Saludares, the volunteer coordinator is: 505-201-3953.
Ariana suggests that you text her and she will be able to communicate with you in a more timely manner. Telephone calls take longer to answer and take more time from her many duties, but she will answer when she can.

Here is a list of items needed right now by the UUF food bag project. Listeners can bring these to GMCR anytime before 5 pm today, and we’ll get them to the Unitarians.
Here are the items the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship can use now for the food bag project:
• pedialyte
• 1 lb jars of peanut butter
• jars of jam or jelly
• 1 gallon Ziplock bags
• Small toys/coloring books that can be taken on a bus (no bubbles, noisemakers, balls…)
The following are individually packaged:
• 16 ounce bottles of water
• juice boxes
• cracker packs
• fruit snacks made from real fruit
• granola bars or breakfast bars
• cookie packs
• Vienna sausages

Here is the press release for this programming:

Gila/Mimbres Community Radio, streaming at and broadcasting on KURU 89.1 FM, announced special programming on immigration justice and U.S.-Mexico border issues on Thursday and Friday, July 11 and 12, 2019, beginning at 8:00 a.m. and continuing through the day.
Carolyn Smith, Chair of the radio station’s Board of Directors, said “Many in our community are concerned about the humanitarian crisis at the border, with hundreds of migrants who have had even their blankets, belts, and shoelaces taken from them – adults and children – being dropped destitute in Deming and other towns near the border. KURU’s special programming this Thursday and Friday will update our previous coverage in early June. Listeners will get current information and insights from Grant County folks who drive to Deming to help out and bring donated items, like diapers, food and serving supplies, clothing, and toys, crayons, and coloring books for the many small children who are welcomed with their parents and given hospitality, health care, and transportation help. We’ll also have live interviews with coordinators in Deming, and we’ll air other programs that give background and context for understanding the human realities of immigration patterns and policies.”
During these two days the station will hold an open house, with light refreshments and conversation with GMCR volunteers and Board members. Interviews and live music will be featured, along with regularly scheduled programs such as Democracy Now!, The Ralph Nader Hour, Earth Matters, Use Your Words, Rambling Radio Revival, Jazz From the Gila, and Mitchellaneous.
Gila/Mimbres Community Radio and KURU broadcast music, news and public affairs, cultural and educational topics, and commentary, with Spanish-language in addition to English programming, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. The station is funded entirely by the community. To join or donate, call 575-597-4891, visit on the Internet and double-click the “support” tab, or visit the station at 519-B North Bullard Street in Silver City, NM 88061.

On Monday, May 13, 2019, the Deming City Council declared an emergency due to the delivery of 170 migrants who had been processed by the US Border Patrol and who were lawfully present in the United States.  Following this, the Federal Government continued to drop more migrants, and the City established emergency shelters in an airport hanger at the Deming airport and at the Southwestern New Mexico Fairgrounds.

Artwork by migrant children...  kinda look like artwork your own, don't they?Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham visited these facilities on May 19, 2019, and initiated efforts to obtain appropriate assistance from the Federal Government.  At this time, hundreds of migrants, lawfully present in the United States, are in need of assistance.

Tuesday / 4 June / 8am
On Local Flavor

GMCR  / KURU will present “first responding” volunteers from Silver City that have joined this grassroots response to an international issue.  They will discuss and provide the latest updates on the events and eye witness accounts of the activities in Deming, what assistance is needed, and how people throughout Grant County can help out with this humanitarian crisis. Visit the links below for more information.

And join us on Tuesday / June 4th / 8am on Local Flavor to hear more from those that have already become involved.  This is an important opportunity to express your basic humanity by helping out people in the most dire straights.



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