Greetings from GMCR & KURU

Things are Cookin’ With The Radio!

And in more ways than one!

First and foremost, our new transmitter is enroute and our primary engineer is scheduled to fly in to Silver City in about 10 days to install it and return GMCR / KURU to it’s full, flavorful, glorious, glamorous, informed & empowering, proud & punchy 10,500 watts!

Helloooo Hurley, Santa Clara, Bayard and Fierro!  Howdy Silver City, Deming and Lordsburg!  Greetings White Signal, Burros, Tyrone, Gila, Cliff, and Mule Creek. Good to cya Mimbres, San Lorenzo, San Juan and Faywood!  And hope ya got an antenna Lake Roberts and all y’all sprinkled on top!

Things are Cookin’ With The Radio!

And you can be too!  Monica Rude and Jeanie McLerie are cookin’ up a cookbook and invite all of you to submit recipes.  We will be having a

Cookin’ With The RadiOpen House
Friday / 17 October 2014 / 4-7 pm

during which we – and you – will be sampling dishes for inclusion in the cookbook.  So get Cookin’, write down that recipe and bring your dish to the Cookin’ with the RadiOpen House.  More details are posted on the Cookin’ With The Radio! page.

Meanwhile, back at the transmitter…

Frankly, when our transmitter went down and we were reduced to a small fraction of our intended power after having successfully  launched FM and gotten such enthusiastic community response and support, we were just a bit

freaked-out!But after some deep breaths, we sought advice from some outstanding community members and as we discussed the issues, new ideas, encouragement and support emerged.  Some of our supporters have chosen not to state their involvement publicly but one of the first to come forward with a $2500 grant was the Town & Country Garden Club.

t&c_gc_140806We would like to express our appreciation for their timely and generous donation – not just to GMCR but to all the people that we serve on KURU.  And we encourage our audience to support their continuing efforts to make the next round of community support available to other non-profits & civic groups that make Grant County a great place to live!

And it all happened rather suddenly but GMCR / KURU has a Brand New Show…

Aldo On Air

Since GMCR first began to organize, we’ve wanted to form strong bonds with youth in our community and we are now in our 2nd semester of internship with Aldo Leopold Charter SchoolPoppy Dames was our 1st intern and she has returned this semester with yet another Aldo intern in tow, Echo Smalley.  Both have been a pleasure to work with and they learn fast!  SO fast that our planned radio show that they would host has been pushed forward and they are now Aldo On Air.  We’ve only been at it for a few weeks but they’re getting the hang of it and are now inviting other Aldo students to be their guests.  The show features updates on Aldo student activities and of course, their musical faves.  Join them every Friday at 4:30 pm live on KURU / 89.1 FM and

And that brings us to…


If you’re not already a member, Please join or renew your membership at GMCR now.  We are here today but the only thing that will insure that we are here tomorrow is if you support and become involved in

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Board of Directors
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At 519 B North Bullard Street / Corner of 6th
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In the heart of the historic arts & culture district