GMCR Special Coverage
Municipal Election Candidate Statements

It has been said that an informed electorate is essential to a functional democracy.  In keeping with this sage observation, GMCR & KURU have invited all candidates for the Silver City, Santa Clara, Bayard, & Hurley municipal elections on Tuesday 1 March 2016 to record candidate statements not to exceed 5 minutes.  Click the names of the candidates to listen to their statements.

The Candidates for Silver City are


Councilor – District 2

Councilor – District 4

Election information, including polling locations and early /absentee voting is available at the Town of Silver City website.

Candidates for Santa Clara, Bayard, & Hurley municipal elections will be added as production is completed.

The Town of Silver City Candidates will be broadcast on these dates.
Times are approximate (~).

  • Saturday 6 February 2016 / ~ 11:15 am
  • Sunday 7 February 2016 / ~ 11:15 am
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