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Hearing Voices / Tom Manning on PNM

In this segment of Hearing Voices, Tom Manning addresses a matter currently being considered before the PRC/ New Mexico Public Regulations Commission – and soon before the New Mexico Supreme Court… PNM’s Replacement Power Proposal. The outcome of this proposal … Continue reading

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GMCR & KURU’s 2015 Fall Pledge Drive

Thanks to your generous support, GMCR launched KURU 89.1 FM and we are now close approaching two years of 24/7 FM broadcast! Whodathunkit? One of the spark plugs of our pledge drive is Challenge Donations where those with deeper pockets … Continue reading

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Radio Thyme Recipes

Quince Butter Wash the fuzz off your quinces. Cut in quarters and take out the core. The birds love this. Then I peel the quinces but I guess it isn’t necessary. The birds also like the peels. I put about … Continue reading

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Earth Matters / Youth & Climate Justice

Earth Matters co-host Nathan Newcomer – Silver City Grassroots Organizer for NM Wilderness Alliance – interviews Grant County resident and activist, Nick Sussillo – Lead Organizer for the Youth & Climate Justice event on October 14th in Silver City.  The event is sponsored by … Continue reading

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