About Us / 1

How we began….

Over seven years ago, a group of local residents began meeting to discuss the state of radio in Grant County.  We – along many others in our community – were frustrated and angry that local stations had abandoned any pretense toward serving the public interest and had eliminated the last vestiges of locally originated public affairs programming.

In this environment, we began to envision a community radio station to serve Silver City and the outlying areas from Gila to Mimbres, Deming to Glenwood, and Lordsburg to Lake Roberts.

Our station would serve the neglected listeners who had tuned out on local radio and mainstream media in general and who support the values of social justice and localism so lacking in the spiel of crass commercialism and political manipulation.

Our station would be member based, listener supported, non-commercial, non-profitvolunteer operated,  and locally focused.

We would present a broad variety of music including Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues, Bluegrass, Reggae, Folk, Pop, African, Latin, Alternative, Spiritual, Gypsy, World Beat, and the undefinable in a context that was not only original, spontaneous and exciting, but informative and expansive of musical horizons.  The DJs, program hosts and producers would be from right here in the area we serve.

Our content would include Spanish language programming, alternative sources of news and information, a public forum where issues of importance could be presented and discussed in a timely manner with meaningful community input, and many more programs that address a wide variety of interests including the environment, spirituality, science, literature, culture, history, politics on the local, state, national and international level, and many other topics arising from the interests of our listeners, members and supporters.

In addition to our locally produced programs, we would include the best available content from across the country and around the world – programs like Democracy Now!, CounterSpin, Free Speech Radio News, and international news sources like Al Jazeera and others from around the world.

This remains the vision of GMCR.