Back To The Garden / Blythe Whiteley

Welcome to Back To The Garden – GMCR’s newest locally produced program and our very 1st to be broadcast live from our beautiful downtown Silver City studio!

Jean Eisenhower is your host and her guest for her maiden voyage is Blythe Whiteley – a veteran gardener and grower known for the beauty of her gardens as well as her knowledge and skills.  Each week she will engage local gardeners and growers in conversation about all things green & growing.

Back To The Garden will broadcast live every

  • Thursday at 4:30 pm and
  • Saturday at 10:30 am it will rebroadcast
    but if you’re not able to catch the show at one of these times, you can listen to the podcast at your convenience.  It will post within a day or two of the live show here – Back To The Garden / Blythe Whiteley
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  1. Edie says:

    Loved the show and was inspired to start… Any time’s a good time to garden. Congrats on the first show!

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