Calling All Call Letters!

Yes, GMCR has not only received its Construction Permit,


Of course, we all thought these letters and tag lines
“KGMR – Gila / Mimbres Radio!” or
“KGMC – The sound of the Gila / Mimbres Community!”
would be Fantastic!  And they would be, except they were taken.

We thought it would be great to open this up to you, our future  listeners, members and supporters and so we devised a little contest.  We gave out instructions on how to check the FCC website for available letter combinations and we got more than 2 dozen responses.

At our No Foolin’ fundraiser at the Silco on 2 April we set up the “Applause Meter” – at great expense! – and the hands down favorite was KURU.

Tzuli was the winner!  Therefore by the power invested in blah, blah, blah, she was awarded the pretty serious bragging rights for being the winner AND she got this Fabulous Prize!

What better than a radio?

So there you have it.  Once we get on the air at 89.1 FM, you can say…

“I KURU!  Do you?”