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Roots & Branches presents traditional and contemporary folk and acoustic music from the United States and around the world but always returns to the roots of American folk music – Irish, Cajun, Mexican, The Blues, Appalachian, Cowboy, Gospel and the other strong threads that comprise the rich tapestry of American music over the centuries.

Roots & Branches is hosted by musicians, songwriters, musicologists, teachers, mentors and instrument makers Ken Keppeler & Jeanie McLerie, known around the block and around a few continents as Bayou Seco.

The program airs every Saturday morning from 8am – 10am and also features live performances by Bayou Seco and their guests.

You can reach them at and they’ll be happy to hear your comments and requests.

Roots & Branches / 18 January 2014

This marks the the maiden voyage of Roots & Branches hosted by Jeanie McLerie and Ken Keppeler, more familiarly and collectively as Bayou Seco. In addition to a swell assortment of trad, current and worldly selections, you will also hear … Continue reading

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