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Rod Stasick is a composer in the broad sense of the term. He is interested in the creation of event-systems for various situations. Template scores are often created using a combination of graphic signs and symbols that usually suggests a syncretism of styles and methods of performance. Using these methods, he produces works in diverse disciplines (audio, video, text, mail art, conceptualism, etc.) utilizing assorted influences: Eastern Philosophy, Fluxus, The Situationist International, Oulipo, Semiotics, Discrete Event-Systems, random numbers to revamp Zen planning and forms of Information Theory.

Generative Music
Sound Diffusion
Interactive Art
Sound Design
Radiophonic Art
Field Recording
Sound Art
Sound & Image

His studies with Karlheinz Stockhausen (2001-2007) have renewed his interest in various aspects of compositional integration.

Extensive number of performances
of experimental works.

Archivist for the Jerry Hunt Estate.

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Random Radio / Halloween!

Hey!  Guys!  Goils!  Ghouls! Welcome back to Random Radio!  We’re full of surprises and you’re full of demises!  But then it’s Halloween, so why bother unless you’re praying to be spirited away. It’s getting coolish at night so if you’re … Continue reading

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Random Radio /
Independence Day

Welcome to the maiden voyage of Random Radio!  We’re delighted to add these musical meanderings through the aural landscape on a journey to…  u. If you have requests, inquests, suggestions, ingestions, epiphanies, revelations, or comments, feel free to direct these … Continue reading

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Independence Day