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Welcome to Talk of the Town, a program about the place we call home and the various and sundry, common and obscure, known and mysterious, respected and shocking, joyful and tragic, sacred and profane, permanent and passing, and truth and myth of La Cienega de San Vicente, otherwise known as Silver City, New Mexico.

Talk of the Town is as ephemeral as the arroyos and creeks that bring water and life to detached oases hereabouts and we begin with a place that’s been a fount of creativity and a nourishing waterhole but had a long dry spell – The Silco Theater.

Enjoy and be refreshed.

Talk of the Town / March Against Monsanto

We have no words to express our shock and sense of loss, and no words to adequately express our sympathies for this tragic loss of children and treasured friends, but we offer our love and prayers. We greatly admire the … Continue reading

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