Civil Discourse / Nonviolence is Powerful

This week, Civil Discourse host Jamie Newton, Laura Ramnarace and Alicia Edwards examine the premise that Nonviolence is Powerful as evidenced by the effectiveness of nonviolent movements for social change, in contrast to movements that include or rely on violence.

Jamie Newton’s guests are Silver City residents with years of experience in nonviolent community organizing and action.

Laura Ramnarace, who holds a master’s degree in conflict resolution from Antioch University, has provided mediation, conflict intervention services, and training for action in many contexts.

Alicia Edwards, a Grant County Commissioner representing District 3, was the founding Executive Director of The Volunteer Center, which works to end hunger and poverty in Grant County, and she is the Coordinator for Healthy Kids Healthy Communities Grant County.

Opening with examples of effective nonviolence, we…

  • Reviewed the conditions needed for success in nonviolent campaigns;
  • Summarized research findings that demonstrate that nonviolent movements succeed more often, involve less destruction, and have more favorable effects on social and political institutions than do movements that rely on or include violence;
  • Considered the importance of strategy and training for nonviolent action; and
  • Recognized that promising nonviolent movements are rising now.

Nonviolence is Powerful was broadcast live on Tuesday 14 March 2017.
Additional broadcasts are TBA.

You can also listen at your convenience via the following link…

Civil Discourse / Nonviolence is Powerful

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