Civil Discourse / Groundswell Grant County 2017

This week, organizers of the People’s Procession and the community meetings convened by and Indivisible discussed how everyone can easily join a groundswell of citizen action for effective impact on the vital political decisions of our time.

We reviewed the events of the first months of this year, and the goals and methods of groups including Grant County Action, Democracy Advocates, and Indivisible networks in the Mimbres Valley and the Gila/Cliff area.

Host Jamie Newton’s guests for the program were…

  • Barbara Mora & Debaura James / hosted community meetings in association with on January 15, 2017
  • Azima Forest and Wanda Spitzer / coordinators of growing grassroots networks that use the Indivisible Guide to communicate with elected representatives on current issues
  • Jim McIntosh / co-organizer of the People’s Procession and rally in Silver City on January 21, 2017
  • Raul Turrieta / master of ceremonies for that event

The panel reflected on the issues and experiences that have brought hundreds of concerned people in Grant County and beyond into active engagement with elected officials in vigorous new ways.

Groundswell, Grant County 2017 was broadcast live on 1 March 2017.

To learn more about these and other community action networks and events, visit

Groundswell, Grant County 2017 was broadcast live on Wednesday 1 March 2017
and will rebroadcast as follows…

  • Monday 6 March 2017 / 10am
  • Tuesday 7 March 2017 / 6pm
  • Wednesday 8 March 2017 / 10am
  • Thursday 9 March 2017 / 9pm

Or listen at your convenience via the following link…

Civil Discourse / Groundswell, Grant County 2017

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