Civil Discourse / Candidate Roundtable – PRC

On May 28, 2014, Merrie Lee Soules and Sandy R. Jones, candidates for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the District 5 seat on the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) in the June 3 primary election, participated in an hour-long discussion moderated by Civil Discourse host Jamie Newton for broadcast on Gila / Mimbres Community Radio.

Between opening and closing statements, the candidates responded to questions on the responsibilities and authority of the PRC, issues that the PRC will face in the near future, the PRC’s past performance (including legal and ethical inquiries), and claims made by each campaign about the opponent. Many of these questions were submitted by members of the community.

Absentee voting in the primary election has been scheduled for May 6-30, 2014. Early voting in person may be done 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, May 17-31, at the Grant County Administration Center.

A list of Grant County candidates certified by the New Mexico Secretary of State may be found at

Some election information is available on the Grant County County Clerk’s web page as above.  As of May 30, 2014, however, links to such important documents as sample ballots did not function, returning only an error message. Civil Discourse host Jamie Newton has drawn the attention of Grant County Clerk Robert Zamarripa to this website failure, hoping that it can be corrected well before the June 3 election.

This installment of Civil Discourse was recorded via Skype on Wednesday 28 May.  We apologize for the sometimes inconsistent audio captured by these web based means of communication however it did permit all three participants to engage in real time whereas it would not have been possible to arrange for their physical presence.

It will be broadcast on KURU 89.1 FM and on

  • Friday 30 May 2014 / 8 pm
  • Saturday 31 May 2014 / 10 am
  • Sunday 1 June 2014  / 6 pm

Check back for additional times

The podcast is available for listening at your convenience at the following link…
Civil Discourse / Candidate Roundtable – Public Regulation Commission

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