Community Partners

GMCR is a New Mexico Non-Profit Corporation with 501c3 tax-deductible status.  As such we feel a serious responsibility to fulfill our mission and to serve our community.

We also recognize the commitment, efforts, successes and, sometimes, the difficulties of other non-profits in making their efforts known, understood, appreciated and utilized.

As a media focused entity, we place great importance on communicating  ideas, values, access to information and providing a voice for those unheard.  We revere the Jeffersonian principle that a functional democracy requires an informed electorate.

Thus we believe that one of the best ways to serve our community is to engage other non-profits, civic groups and the community oriented  in partnership to develop consistent and effective methods of informing  the public of their their missions,  activities and the vital services that they provide to improve our quality of life.  In so doing, we advance our mission as well.

Thus we are honored to name these organizations as Community Partners…

As we continue in our development and capabilities, we look forward to partnerships with other organizations as well.