Community Spotlight / Cissy McAndrew & Adrienne Booth

On this week’s program, Community Spotlight host Carolyn Smith speaks about the upcoming 2nd Annual New Mexico Tamal Fiesta y Mas with Cissy McAndrew, Executive Director of the Southwest Chapter of the NM Green Chamber of Commerce and Adrienne Booth, Outreach Assistant for the SWNM Green Chamber of Commerce and the Manager and Volunteer Coordinator for The Murray Ryan Visitors’ Center in downtown Silver City.

Silver City hosts the Second Annual New Mexico Tamal Fiesta y Más from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, December 8, in the heart of Historic Downtown. This festival celebrates our community’s rich and diverse heritage featuring traditional Hispanic food, crafts, music, dance and more.

The SWNM Green Chamber of Commerce was established in 2010 to support and connect locally-owned businesses dedicated to building sustainable economy communities.

The Murray Ryan Visitors’s Center provides information on destinations and events within Silver City and the region.

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Community Spotlight / Tamal Fiesta y Mas w/ Cissy McAndrews & Adrienne Booth

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