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In this week’s installment Earth Matters co-host Donna Stevens of the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance interviews Bikeworks Director Dave Baker and Bikeworks intern Tristan Saavedra.

Bikes are important and they’re not just for kids.  In a small community such as Silver City, bikes are an important mode of transportation.  They get us where we’re going without adding to the planet’s carbon output, they keep us healthy, and yes, they’re fun to ride.

Join Donna, Bikeworks director Dave Baker and his high school intern Tristan, as they talk about the history and philosophy of Bikeworks, their facilities and programs and how kids and adults can earn a bike and learn to maintain it.  Learn about Bikeworks’ weekly bike rides and special Pedalista events.

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Earth Matters airs Tuesday & Thursday at 10am and 8pm
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Earth Matters / Bikeworks

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