Earth Matters / NM Copper Rules – Part 2

New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission
Public Hearing on Copper Rule – Part Two

Join host Allyson Siwik, Executive Director of Gila Resources Information Project, for part two of the Water Quality Control Commission Public Hearing on the Proposed Water Quality Rules for Copper Mining held in Silver City on May 3, 2013.

The adoption of water quality rules specific to copper mining was mandated by amendments to the Water Quality Act made during the 2009 legislative session and put forth by the mining industry.  The rules were meant to provide regulatory certainty to the mining industry while at the same time preventing water pollution and monitoring water quality.  But the draft rules were modified by NM Environment Department upper management and will allow mining companies to pollute groundwater at mine sites rather than prevent pollution.   This is contrary to the express purpose of the state Water Quality Act.  The WQCC is expected to deliberate over the proposed rules at its regularly scheduled meeting on August 13, 2013.

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Earth Matters / NM Copper Rules / Pt 2

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