Earth Matters / Dr Kathy Whiteman

This week’s installment of Earth Matters features Kathy Whiteman, director of Western New Mexico University’s Outdoor Program, and the former Executive Director of Gila Conservation Education Center, interviewed by Donna Stevens, co-producer of Earth Matters and Executive Director of Upper Gila Watershed Alliance.

Dr Whiteman and Ms Stevens discuss ecological literacy, and how TV nature shows are raising a generation of children who can recite factoids about rainforest animals they may never encounter, but can’t identify three common native trees in their backyards. They talk about the influential book Last Child in the Woods, featuring quotes such as: “I like to play inside cuz that’s where the electrical outlets are.”

Kathy Whiteman talks about the Children’s Water Festival at the Gila River, and the surprisingly high percentage of local school kids have never visited the river before. She discusses WNMU’s new Outdoor Program and other attempts to get children outdoors again.

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Earth Matters / Dr Kathy Whiteman

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