Earth Matters / George Farmer

This week’s show is about ecologically sustainable living. Our guest is George Farmer. George and his wife, Linda Zatopek, are modern day environmental pioneers learning how to live lightly on the earth while sharing their firsthand knowledge and experience with others. In 2006, they established Axle Canyon Preserve and Retreat, a remote 83-acre preserve in the Burro Mountains of the Gila National Forest.

Climate scientists predict that the American Southwest will become increasingly arid. Population growth and our ever increasing demand for natural resources exacerbate the effects of climate change.

Tune in with Dr. Kim McCreery of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and African Wild Dog Conservancy, to learn how this dedicated couple is protecting and restoring their land, living off the grid, and inviting others to experience nature’s solitude and beauty.

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Earth Matters / George Farmer

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