Earth Matters / ISC Decision on AWSA

ISC decision to move ahead with Gila River diversion project

Earth Matters co-producer Allyson Siwik of Gila Resources Information Project / Gila Conservation Coalition is joined by Todd Schulke, co- founder and senior staff with the Center for Biological Diversity and a partner in the Gila Conservation Coalition to discuss the November 24 vote by the Interstate Stream Commission to move forward with a Gila River diversion project under the Arizona Water Settlements Act.

This decision to notify the Secretary of the Interior that New Mexico intends to develop Gila River water ends a ten-year planning process to decide how to utilize federal funding and water from the Gila River under the AWSA.  Most recently, complaints have been filed against the ISC and local Gila-San Francisco Water Commission regarding violations of the Open Meetings Act calling into question the transparency and accountability of the AWSA planning process.  Given the ISC’s decision, where do we go from here?

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Earth Matters / ISC Decision on AWSA

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