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Norm Gaume on AWSA, ISC at IWNRC

In this weeks installment of Earth Matters, Allyson Siwik interviews Norm Gaume – former Executive Director of the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission.

The New Mexico legislature’s IWNRC / Interim Water and Natural Resources Committee convened in Silver City on Monday 31 August 2015 at WNMU Miller Library with an agenda heavily weighted with water issues including the highly controversial AWSA / Arizona Water Settlement Act, the Mega Expensive New Mexico Unit Gila Diversion proposals and fledgling NM CAP Entity which would be responsible for building, operating, maintaining, and not least, financing the Billion Dollar project.

Mr Gaume presented testimony to the committee on the credibility of the AWSA/ISC process and apparent fatal flaws in the diversion proposal and this interview continues and expands upon that.

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Earth Matters / Norm Gaume on AWSA, ISC at IWNRC

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