Earth Matters / Norm Gaume on ISC Gila Diversion

Earth Matters co-producer Allyson Siwik is joined by former Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) director and water engineer Norm Gaume to discuss the November 24 ISC decision to move forward with a Gila River diversion project under the Arizona Water Settlements Act.

The planning process has been tainted by transparency issues, including Open Meetings Act violations at the Interstate Stream Commission and locally with the Gila-San Francisco Water Commission, calling into question the legitimacy and accountability of the AWSA planning process and the ISC’s decision.

Norm has been an outspoken critic of the ISC’s diversion plans and has sued the Commission over Open Meetings Act violations related to its AWSA planning process.  He has been a game changer in the fight against the Gila River diversion project. He’s raised awareness at the state and national levels about the threats to the Gila and has shined a light on the fatal flaws inherent in the diversion proposal.

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Earth Matters / Norm Gaume on ISC Gila Diversion

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