Earth Matters / Silver City Recycling Advisory Committee

This installment of Earth Matters is hosted by Donna Stevens and features a discussion on the progress of recycling with Silver City Recycling Advisory Committee members Terry Timme and Amy Hart.

Recycling is not only more prevalent and easier than ever, but the economies of recycling have improved enough that where it was once a significant drain on local government finances, it is now becoming a revenue stream that substantially offsets the cost of recycling and extends the life of our very expensive landfills.

And this new development is not only of benefit to the town and county, but you as an individual or household can save money by recycling.  The fees for trash collection do not apply to recyclables so you can trade in your big trash can for a smaller one at a lower fee and get a BIG recycling can at no charge!

The challenge still before us?  To get even more people educated and on board with recycling – and that remains a primary mission of the Silver City Recycling Advisory Committee.

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Earth Matters / Silver City Recycling Advisory Committee

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