Earth Matters / SB 89 – The Fate of the Gila…

Welcome to Earth Matters and our continuing coverage of the New Mexico Legislature with particular attention to the water and environmental issues and bills that have been introduced.

Perhaps the most significant bill in this even yeared short session is SB 89 introduced by Senator Peter Wirth of Santa Fe with Silver City’s Senator Howie Morales among its cosponsors.  SB 89 proposed that $82 million be appropriated for non-diversion projects.  Though the expectations were high, it did not pass out of committee but the testimony of former ISC director Gaume was not only highly critical but exposed apparently fatal flaws in the current ISC proposal.

Additional info on a variety of bills is available at these links…

  • (http://protectthegila
  • (http://protectnewmexico

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Earth Matters / SB 89 – The Fate of the Gila…

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