Earth Matters / Trekwest and Western Wildways

Earth Matters, co-producer, Dr Kim McCreery, SW regional director and staff scientist with NM Wild, talks with guests, Kim Vacariu, the ‘Western Wildway Initiativecoordinator with The Wildlands Network and John Davis, co-founder of The Wildlands Network and TrekWest adventurer.

Organized by The Wildlands Network, TrekWest is a (mostly) 5,500 mile human-powered journey – with some horseback riding thrown in – through the proposed Western Wildway stretching from Mexico to Canada.

With habitat fragmentation, the unprecedented loss of species – known as the Sixth Great Extinction – and climate change, creating continental wildways that connect increasingly isolated wild places via wildlife corridors is critical for the balance of nature we depend on.

Ground-breaking, TrekWest is about informing people, connecting people to nature, and gathering information about key linkages that will restore historical migration routes for wide-ranging species like Mexican wolves, bears, and cougars.  Tune in as they discuss why large-scale wildways are critical, the science behind it, how it can be accomplished, and what we can do to help make it happen.  Hear about John’s experiences on the wild side as he hikes and bikes from Mexico through the wild Gila on his epic conservation journey.

Please do visit these sites for background information and the latest developments on TrekWest…

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Earth Matters / TrekWest w/ John Davis & Kim Vicariu

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