Earth Matters / WNMU Eco-Sustainability Club

There really IS hope for the future!

This week’s program features host Donna Stevens, Executive Director of Upper Gila Watershed Alliance with her guests from the WNMU Eco-Sustainability Club – Jessie Gauthier, President; Franz Raiter, Secretary; and Erica Rasmussen, Treasurer and Faculty Advisor Patrice Mutchnick.

They discuss the genesis of the club and its development and inform us of their campus projects and activities, such as ramping up the university’s recycling program.  Last fall, they planted native trees and shrubs in water-harvesting basins; now they’re starting a garden, and planting the holy trinity of beans, corn, and squash. They persuaded the campus cafeteria to do away with styrofoam, which can’t be recycled locally, and even convinced them to discontinue use of trays, which used a lot of water in the cleaning process.

In the process that have also formed alliances and cooperative efforts with local schools and community organizations as well as raising environmental consciousness among students, faculty, staff and administration.

Hear about the club’s upcoming events, and much more.  They can be contacted via

  • Jesse Gauthier / President
  • Patrice Mutchnick / Faculty Advisor

Earth Matters airs Tuesday & Thursday at 10am and 8pm
Or listen any time via this link
Earth Matters / WNMU EcoSustainability Club

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