Earth Matters /
Stream Dynamics – San Vicente Creek Restoration

Earth Matters co-producer and Gila Resources Information Project director Allyson Siwik talks to Van Clothier and Claire Catlett of Stream Dynamics about restoration work on San Vicente Creek under the Hudson Street Bridge.

Stream Dynamics, a local company that specializes in riparian and wetland restoration, was awarded a contract with the NM Department of Transportation to restore the creek now that the new bridge is finished.  Using other funding, the company is also repairing and enhancing the  trailhead.  This is an integral part of Silver City’s greenway and trail system and people are looking forward to getting back into this area to hike, bike, bird and enjoy the water and shade.

Van and Claire also discuss how people can get involved in this restoration work, as well as other rainwater harvesting projects in Silver City.

More information:

  • Stream Dynamics – (http://www NULL.streamdynamics
  • Claire Catlett – (claire null@null streamdynamics
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Earth Matters / Stream Dynamics  – San Vicente Creek Restoration

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