Earth Matters / Laura Ramnarace – Dakota Access Pipeline

Join the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance’s Donna Stevens and Laura Ramnarace for a discussion of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the resistance camps.

Ms Ramnarace recently returned from North Dakota’s Red Warrior Camp along the Cannonball River, where water protectors (that’s right: protectors, not protestors) are working to stop the pipeline construction before it destroys more Native Americans’ sacred sites and burial grounds, as well as the groundwater that millions of American depend on for drinking water.  We’ll also discuss the intimidation and arrests of journalists, and the mainstream media’s neglect of this important story.

For more information, visit…

  • Democracy Now / Dakota Access (http://www NULL.democracynow
  • For additional information from multiple sources, search for
    Dakota Access Pipeline or Sacred Stone Camp.

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Earth Matters / Laura Ramnarace – Dakota Access Pipeline

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