Earth Matters / Gordon West

Earth Matters co-producer and GRIP Executive Director Allyson Siwik discusses the wonders of Biochar with Gordon West CEO of GilaWoodNet

With atmospheric carbon dioxide moving permanently above 400 parts per million, the planet has bumped up against the 2 degree Celsius temperature threshold agreed to in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.  What can we do to remove heat trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and mitigate global warming?  Biochar is one solution identified to not only increase crop yields and generate a value-added product for biomass waste, but also to sequester carbon and help the climate crisis.

GilaWoodNet is a local company in operation since 2000. Gila WoodNet is a forest thinning operation, a small log sortyard, a processor of wood chips, mulch, compost, firewood and building logs located in the Santa Clara Industrial Park.

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Earth Matters / Gordon West

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