Earth Matters / Denise Fort

Earth Matters co-producer and GRIP executive director Allyson Siwik talks to environmental and water law attorney Denise Fort about progress toward environmental sustainability, including climate change, water issues and defending the EPA.

Denise has an extensive background in environmental and natural resources law – 40 years of practice, politics, reflecting and writing about policies, all animated by a belief that society must turn toward a more sustainable relationship with its environment. She believes that law plays a critical role in establishing the institutions that govern those relationships.

She served as director of the Water Resources Administration Program at University of New Mexico School of Law, as well as director of the NM Environment Department predecessor organization, the Environmental Improvement Division. She represented the Sierra Club at the United Nations Climate Conference in Marrakesh, Morocco in November 2016 and is  currently involved in a campaign called Friends of EPA to raise awareness of the critical job the US Environmental Protection Agency does to protect the environment and public health.

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Earth Matters / Denise Fort

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