Earth Matters / Enviro Updates

Earth Matters co-producer and Upper Gila Watershed Alliance Executive Director Donna Stevens engages a broad ranging discussion with a cast of, well, several on things that you need to know about including…

  • The perils of prescription drugs winding up in our water supplies,
  • Potential overdose OR underdose of expired prescription drugs,
  • AND, flat out abuse of prescription drugs for fun and profit,
  • The decision of the NM Supreme Court on the infamous Copper Rule allowing mines to pollute our groundwater,
  • The newly reactivated Continental Mine and the extraordinary efforts necessary to Watch Dog it,
  • The stunning stats regarding the accelerating plastification – yes, it’s “a thing” –
    of the world’s oceans, water supply, fish, mammals, birds and, uh, YOU!
  • Upcoming Earth Day and Gila Wild and Scenic Film Festival events and more.

Earth Matters is broadcast
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday at 10am and Thursday at 8pm.

Or listen at your convenience via this link…
Earth Matters / Enviro Updates

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