Earth Matters / Frank Bryce

On this week’s Earth Matters, we welcome our recent addition to the Earth Matters production team, Kevin Bixby, interviewing herpetologist, rattlesnake wrangler, and all around snake guy, Frank Bryce, along with a special guest… Mr Diamond Back Rattler!  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear him announcing his presence as a running commentary during the show – from within his very secure cage.

Frank has plenty of experience in this having served as director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Venomous Animal Center in Oklahoma where he got to know poisonous snakes from around the world.  As the weather warms and our reptilian friends stir, Frank will become quite busy responding to residents seeking his help to relieve them of the unwelcome presence of a variety of rattle snakes and other reptiles, native to this region.

Frank will share some of his hair raising exploits as well as some of the little known and/or poorly understood behaviors of these often despised but important members of our local fauna, such as why rattlesnakes (and many other snakes, it turns out) vibrate their tails, what life looks like from a snake’s perspective, diet and mating, where they live, and what to do if you find a snake – wanted or otherwise – in your yard.

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Earth Matters / Frank Bryce

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