Earth Matters / Local Investing

On this week’s Earth Matters, co-producer and Gila Resources Information Project Executive Director Allyson Siwik engages Lynda Aiman-Smith and Gordon West of the SW New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce on local investing.

The 2008 economic crash, Occupy Wall Street, and the expanding income gap between rich and poor have compelled a lot of thinking and experimentation about how to create real prosperity for more people in America.  How can we democratize our local economies to achieve community goals like providing a living wage, protecting our environment, or giving our children a quality education?

Instead of investing in Wall Street, how can we harness the financial wealth that exists within our area to support local, community-serving businesses and organizations, and keep this money re-circulating for the benefit of everyone in our community?  Local investment in good jobs, ownership opportunities, and community entrepreneurship is being implemented in communities across the country to create thriving local economies.

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Earth Matters / Local Investing

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