Earth Matters / Van Clothier & Claire Catlett

On this week’s edition of Earth Matters, Donna Stevens, Executive Director of the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance, interviews two rainwater harvesters: Van Clothier and Claire Catlett of Stream Dynamics, Inc.

We talk about how and why to capture rain that falls on your property, thereby turning a nuisance into a benefit. We discuss urban and rural watersheds in the Southwest, and why they’re in such dire need of restoration. We also talk about how capturing rainwater obviates the need for a diversion on the Gila River.

For more information, visit Stream Dynamics

Please note that beginning in September 2015, Earth Matters will be broadcast
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday at 10am and Thursday at 8pm.

The program is currently in production.  When it’s ready, you can listen at your convenience via the link below.
Earth Matters / Van Clothier & Claire Catlett

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