Earth Matters / Keep It in the Ground

Donna Stevens, Executive Director of the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance, talks with climate activists Debaura James and Ben Kieler about the “KING” / Keep It in the Ground and Break Free from Fossil Fuels movements.

Activists worldwide are working to keep the remaining fossil fuels buried in the ground where they cannot further exacerbate climate change.  Dirty energy, renewable energy, climate disruption, global activism, environmental (in)justice: all are topics discussed in this program.

For more info, visit:

  • / Keep It In The Ground! (https://350
  • Green Peace / Keep It In The Ground!! (http://www NULL.greenpeace
  • Center for Biological Diversity / KEEP IT IN THE GROUND!!! (http://www NULL.biologicaldiversity
  • Gasland 2 – The Movie (https://www

Earth Matters is broadcast
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday at 10am and Thursday at 8pm.

This installment is still in production.
When it is ready you can listen at your convenience via this link…
Earth Matters / Keep It In The Ground

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