FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions…

It was recently suggested that we provide a FAQ page so here you have it.

We’ve tried to include most of the questions we’ve been asked, uh, frequently, and invite you to peruse them to get a better grasp of what GMCR is about.  View or download the PDF and please feel free to ask follow up questions or suggest others to include in the next update / revision.

You can email us at Sophia says:

HI!! as a public user of the computers in the library I would listen to you on the radio or in my truck. What is the frequency please,,

enjoy the great sunshine,,,,

  • admin says:

    Hi Sophia,

    Welcome aboard. I assume they have headphones on the library computers? Wouldn’t want to disturb somebody’s dissertation.

    We’re not broadcasting FM yet – projecting next spring/summer for that. But when we do, the call letters will be KURU at 89.1FM. And oh, BTW, when we finally get our phones connected next week, the number will be 597.4891. You can almost hear it right? “Dial 597 for 89.1”

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