Frontier Justice / Floods and Families

In this week’s installment of Frontier JusticeJudge Tim Aldrich welcomes Silver City Town Manager, Alex Brown, along with State Director of NM Search and Rescue, Marc Levesque, who coordinated the efforts to locate and recover the bodies of two residents who were swept into the Big Ditch where they drowned this past weekend during the flash-flood which occurred late Friday / early Saturday morning.

Mayor Ken Ladner had a conflicting commitment and will return next week.

Mr Levesque is also past president of Grant County Search & Rescue and has a wealth of information and experience to share.  We are all recoiling from the spate of violence, natural and man-made, that has claimed lives here and nationally so , hopefully, it will be palliative to hear voices of care, reason and compassion.  Feel free to call at 575-597-4891 during any of the shows with questions, comments, or suggestions that we can relay to our hosts and guests.

October is Domestic Violence Prevention Month and the 2nd half of the program presents Rachel Sierra, Director of El Refugio to speak with us about some of the triggers for familial assaults and how they can be avoided. She will also let people know of resources available to victims of such assaults and measures you can take to keep you and your family safe.

Many thanks to Paula Geisler, producer and head herder of Frontier Justice.

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Frontier Justice / Floods and Families

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