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This week Gender Trouble is hosting Adrien Lawyer from the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico.  Adrien and myself will be presenting a discussion on Transgender 101.  Adrien is a trans man (female to man) and I am a trans woman (male to female.  We each bring a different perspective to the subject.  I think this will be a very educational and interesting discussion.

Adrien is the co-director and co-founder of the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico.  In his capacity as Co-Director he sits on various task forces, including groups that are suggesting policy to Albuquerque Public Schools regarding transgender students and staff and ACLU’s All Families Matter coalition to name but a few.  Mr. Lawyer has provided transgender cultural humility training all over the state and several locations around the United States.  He is a transgender man, a spouse and a father and is working for equality and accessible resources for the entire transgender community.

TGRCNM is dedicated to serving the transgender communities in the state of New Mexico and strives to exist as a clearing house for resources which can support, assist, educate, and advocate for the transgender and gender non conforming population of this state and their families and loved ones.  TGRCNM provides social, educational, emotional, and functional support for all facets of transgender living and promotes mutual understanding, acceptance, and equality to achieve a more positive and healthy society.

Susan Golightly holds a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on counseling and gender studies.  Susan is a long time activist for the rights of all oppressed minorities.  And, of course, your host for Gender Trouble.

Gender Trouble airs Thursdays at 4pm.

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Gender Trouble! / Adrien Lawyer

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