Gender Trouble / Tyler Connoley – Part 2

Gender Trouble!Tyler Connoley is the author of “The Children Are Free: Re-Examining the Biblical Evidence on Same-Sex Relationships.”  Reverend Connoley, a long time resident of Silver City, is the pastor of the United Church of Christ and the Immigrant Care Coordinator for the Southwest Conference of the U.C.C.  Reverend Tyler will be answering questions about the controversial topic of the Bible and homosexuality and transgender and other gender nonconforming identities.  Tyler Connoley is married to Rob Connoley who is chef and co-owner of the Curious Kumquat with Tyler.

Often we hear people claim the Bible opposes homosexuality and other marginalized people such as those who identify as transgender.  Does the Bible really address this issue?  Reverend Tyler Connoley will talk about the “clobber passages” that have been used to declare those who are different from the mainstream must be abominations.  What does the word abomination really mean?  Do those people with nonconforming gender and sexual expressions really fit the criteria of what is meant by abomination?

Reverend Connoley brings to this discussion years of study concerning the Bible, Christianity, and the LGBT community.  I hope the listeners of GMCR will find this three part series educational and enlightening.

We are continuing our discussion with Reverend Connoley addressing the issue of homosexuality and the Bible.  Last week we talked about the “Clobber Passages.”  This week we will be talking about positive and affirming example in the Bible of Gay and Lesbian relationships.  We specifically will be talking about Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathon, and the Centurion who is known for his faith.

Gender Trouble airs Thursdays at 4pm.

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Gender Trouble! / Tyler Connoley – Part 2

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