Gender Trouble / International Women’s Day

Women as Healers

March 8th was International Women’s Day.  Any occasion that honors half of humanity is certainly much broader than we could hope to address in a single hour but we hope you will enjoy our discussion of Women as Healers.

Women’s identities have always included this vital role and responsibility.  Communities throughout the world have honored women for the skills and talents in this regard.  These Healers acquired knowledge of the unique properties of different plants and herbs whose that could be mixed and blended to produce teas, salves, balms, etc to aid in healing.

With the rise of modern allopathic medicine, where men began to dominate the new “scientific” approach to medicine, natural or homeopathic healers, mostly women, were shut out of the healing community.  However, even to this day people look for natural healers who see the mind and body as a whole and who treat the cause and not the symptoms of an illness.

In this program we are interview two local women healers, Nava Koenigsberg and
Dr Louise Cash.  Nava is the owner of Bear Creek Herbs, while Louise is the owner of the Red Hat Healing Center.  The two women approach healing by different means.  Nava provides plant and herb based products which she provides to her customers, while Louise is a licensed chiropractor.  However, they are similar because they both look at illness and disease in a holistic approach.  That is strengthening the body so that it can heal itself.  Treating the whole body and not just the symptoms.

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Gender Trouble! / International Women’s Day

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