Hearing Voices / Bija Aronow on Chem Trails & Toxic Aerosols

This installment of Hearing Voices features recent Grant County arrival Bija Aranow addressing the issue of Chem Trails and their toxic content.

Having lived in close proximity to a major air force base before, during and after the introduction of large scale chem trail activity, Bija has directly experienced the effects of this constant downpour of a chemical soup containing extraordinary levels of chemicals and known toxic substances.

Having suffered the direct effects of these substances, she began and continues research and her findings are certainly troubling.

This program will air on Thursday 5 September following the Community Calendar at Noon & 6pm.  Check back for additional times or click the link below to hear Bija’s commentary anytime.
Bija Aronow on Chem Trails and Toxic Aerosols

You can visit these sites for more detailed information and analysis of the Chem Trail phenomenon and its effects.

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