Hearing Voices / Ski Szymanski on the
“Quality of Life” Tax Increase

This installment of Hearing Voices features Walter “Ski” Szymanski – retired labor organizer and community activist – with his commentary on the, uh, Quality of Life Tax Increase proposed under a special mail-in election whose ballots are being mailed on 29 July 2013.

Ski urges a NO vote on the measure and details – that’s where the devil is – the distinction between an actual “Quality of Life” measure as defined by NM Taxation and Revenue which requires a citizen stakeholder process and the Capital Outlay measure which is on the ballot and you can read here.  You will note that there is NO mention of the five projects that have been suggested… and no guarantee that any of the five projects will be pursued nor that they won’t be replaced with completely different projects.

Click the link below to hear Ski’s commentary.
Ski Szymanski on the “Quality of Life” Tax Increase

Also please note that a public forum on this issue took place on Thursday 25 July 2013. The complete recording of this forum is posted here.

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