Hearing Voices Submissions

A Voice & A Choice

Thanks for considering a submission to Hearing Voices.  We hope that it serves the needs of not only the individuals or groups that speak but those who listen and the entire community in the sense that it contributes to the “marketplace of ideas.”

If you haven’t already, please review the following.

Due to the irregularity of submissions, Hearing Voices does not presently have a fixed timeslot. Thus – though they may be time sensitive – circumstance may not allow advance notice of their broadcast. But as time and humane (! We can always hope…) resources allow, their broadcast times may be noted in advance – and podcasts of their submissions will be archived for all to listen to at their convenience – on their respective pages..

The opinions expressed are those of the speakers – and not necessarily those of GMCR. We encourage our listeners to be thoughtful and clear in their presentations and we hope that they will expand and enhance community dialogue.

Think of Hearing Voices as you would for the Opinion or Letters to the Editor pages in typical news outlets except after review and acceptance, you will read, and we will record the approved submission verbatim.  Submissions are subject to GMCR’s Editorial Policy – which includes our discretion.  If we have concerns we may bring them to your attention and request changes.

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