Ken Keppeler

Ken moved to New Mexico with his wife, Jeanie McLerie, in 1980. They first lived in Santa Fe for a bout a year and a half and then moved to Albuquerque, where Ken received a BA in American Studies and Folklore from the University of New Mexico. Ken and Jeanie were both involved in KUNM radio, the public/community station in Albuquerque as members of the Folk Music co-operative show, which aired every Saturday morning.

In 1996, the couple moved to Silver City and have been involved in Gila / Mimbres Community Radio for about six years. Ken has been on the Board of Directors of GMCR for over a year.  They are also involved with the Mimbres Regional Arts Council, especially with Pickamania – Silver City’s Folk Music Festival.

Ken and Jeanie have been musicians all of their lives and focus on the traditional music of the Southwest, as collectors and performers of the music and dance.  They also play many community events when they are not on the road playing music or collecting music and dance.

Ken and Jeanie have performed all over the US and Canada as well as in Mexico, Germany, France, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, Spain and Holland in festivals, art centers, community halls, schools and folk clubs. They have also been involved in a number of  television and radio shows as well as some film work.

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