Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence / Part 2

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and El Refugio continues with the second in a series of programs titled Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence.

Justin Cano, Justin Wecks, Luis Terrazas and Andy Anderson stand and speak out.  These men are from the fields of education, business and social services as well as a young man who has witnessed this horror first hand in his family.

Others in the series are figures well known in the community for their ongoing civic commitments, some have held elective office,  deal with DV first hand as law enforcement officers and others are simply citizens, residents, neighbors, family or friends that have seen the pernicious effect of this all too common tragedy and by raising their voices, seek to raise awareness and ask you to also stand and Speak Out Against Domestic Violence.

Please visit their website to become more familiar with El Refugio, become involved and support their work.

The program is scheduled to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at approximately 6:30 or 6:45.  Or you can click below to listen anytime to this installment of
Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence / Part 2

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