The Pacifica Network

GMCR is proud to be a Pacifica affiliate and part of the tradition initiated with KPFA in Berkeley, CA – the very 1st listener supported radio station in the United States.

The five station in the Pacifica Network are…

  • KPFA – Berkeley, CA
  • KPFK – Los Angeles, CA
  • KPFT – Houston, TX
  • WPFW – Washington, DC
  • WBAI – New York, NY

In addition to these core stations which are the members of the Pacifica Foundation, there are many neighboring stations with close and cooperative relations with their Pacifica colleagues.  Then there are dozens more Рsuch as GMCR Рthat enjoy access to the wealth of content generated by the five stations as well as the other affiliates  Рnot to mention the massive historical archives of Pacifica.

The following is a partial and evolving list of programs presented by GMCR as a result of our association with Pacifica.  Follow the links for additional information on each of these.