Say No To Monsanto

Silver City joined 41 countries and hundreds of cities around the world on Saturday 25 May 2013 to Say No To Monsanto.

A protest march and demonstration through downtown Silver City and around the perimeter of the Blues Festival in Gough Park took place at noon.  Beginning and ending at Energy Ideal on Bullard and College, approximately 150 Grant County residents joined the throng.  Alex Gonzales and Gabe Farley, recent graduates of Aldo Leopold High School, are two of the primary organizers of the event and they joined in this interview shortly after its conclusion here at GMCR’s Bullard Street studio.

If you would like more information on the No To Monsanto movement and local plans to increase public awareness, you can contact Alex and Gabe.

Alex & Gabe’s interview – Say No To Monsanto – will be scheduled as follows…

  • Sunday 26 May / following Community Calendar at Noon
  • Sunday 26 May / following Community Calendar at 6pm
  • Monday 27 May / following Community Calendar at 6pm
  • Tuesday 28 May / following Community Calendar at Noon
  • Thursday 30 May / following Community Calendar at Noon

Or listen to the podcast anytime via this link
Say No To Monsanto

Additional background can be found at the links below…

A rising tide of negative opinion worldwide with regard to Monsanto spans a number of issues including matters of intellectual property, suing farmers whose fields have been polluted by Monsanto’s genetically modified agricultural products, and abusive and coercive lobbying practices to force through legislation that relieves them of responsibility and prevents local objections from being raised.  See MSN and Salon for articles on “The Defense of Monsanto Act.”

In India, thousands of farmers have been enticed or coerced into using Monsanto products only to have their crops fail and facing ruin, many have taken their own lives.  These developments have been addressed in publications including Global Research and Al Jazeera

In Mexico, the flood of US subsidized corn has undermined traditional agricultural practices and lifestyles and is a primary contributor to the stream of undocumented workers entering the United States.  The Nation magazine documents this post NAFTA outcome.   Monsanto now seeks to further erode the viability of Mexican agriculture with plans to begin large scale planting of their GMO corn and triggered large scale protests as described The Real News.   Of course, Monsanto accepts no responsibility in exacerbating a problem that results in billions of US taxpayer dollars being diverted to border control and the provided fodder a resurgence in nativist and racists movements.

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