Silver City Acoustic / Dr. Iya Kahn & Tom “Houndog” Romancik

Dr. Iya Kahn

Dr. Iya Kahn

Dr. Iya Kahn is widely known around town for energizing audiences, singing and playing clean, jazzy/bluesy guitar riffs over his pre-recorded – his own original – tracks of classic rock and blues favorites.

This Thursday evening, though, Iya unplugs from that marvelous machinery and just brings his acoustic guitar to share with us some of his original music! Looking forward to visiting and talking music with this dynamic man of Soul, Dr. Iya Kahn.

HoundogIn the second hour, we’ll get to know a fairly new arrival in town: Tom “Houndog” Romancik. From northern New Mexico, Taos most recently, Tom played a couple of sets we caught at Yankie Creek Coffee House where he inspired numerous ovations with his original rock and blues.

Looking forward to both these guests, both dynamic performers.

In case you haven’t noticed, Silver City Acoustic begins after three short KURU items: Community Calendar, Workers’ Independent News, and Radio Bilingue – about 17 minutes after 6 pm.

After a short break around 7 pm, we come back with a short Music Calendar for your weekend, then introduce our second guest.

Musicians are coming forward, and we’re developing a great calendar of music for you all. So, thanks for listening – and let me know what you think at

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