Today’s Healthy Community / Dr Stasia Ruskie

On this week’s installment of Today’s Healthy Community, host Rebekka VanNess interviews Dr Stasia Ruskie, PhD and RN on the concept and application of Comprehensive Healthcare as a means of improving health outcomes.

What is Comprehensive Healthcare?

Dr. Ruskie began nursing career in ER, quickly realized impacting public health was the best way to improve America’s health. She wound up pursuing a PHD in nursing research at the University of Tennessee, where her dissertation focused on nurses’ experiences during a disaster. Disaster: when need for resources exceeds resources available, and can be either acute (earthquake) or chronic (poverty, access to healthcare). Hence, she now works with providers across NM to improve the health of their patients via preventive screenings and focuses on wellness.

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Today’s Healthy Community / Dr Stasia Ruskie

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