The Real News / 15 February 2017

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GMCR / KURU broadcasts and webcasts The Real News on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. The program is a one hour magazine format with a selection of their current, news, analysis and commentary.

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  • Behind the Scenes of the Investigation of Pocomoke’s 1st Black Police Chief (http://therealnews
    Recently unsealed court documents reveal defendants in Kelvin Sewell’s discrimination lawsuit worked closely with state prosecutors to produce charges against the former Baltimore homicide supervisor
  • A Day Without Immigrants: Thousands Hold Boycotts and Demonstrations Against Trump (http://therealnews
    We bring you the voices of some of the thousands who are refusing to work, go to school, and shop and instead are rallying against raids and deportations carried out by the Trump administration
  • Billions Divested from Banks Backing Dakota Access Pipeline (http://therealnews
    Thousands rally across the country to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline as two city councils have voted to divest billions from the project
  • Solar Created More Jobs in 2016 Than Oil, Gas and Coal Combined (http://therealnews
    Carbon Tracker Initiative’s Luke Sussams says the dropping costs of renewable energy could see global demand for oil and coal peak by 2020
  • Trump Detains First DREAMER, Sparking Fears of Deportations Among DACA-Protected Immigrants (http://therealnews
    Protests are underway demanding the release of 23-year old Daniel Ramirez, who arrived in the United States as a child and obtained protections under Obama’s Deferred Action program
  • Upward Distribution of Wage Income Behind Social Security’s Shortfall (http://therealnews
    CEPR’s Dean Baker says Republicans often omit the role of stagnant wage growth in the discussion around the growing deficit in this social insurance program
  • IMF Lent to Greece Knowing It Could Never Pay Back Debt (http://therealnews
    There’s a real need for international debtor rights, says economist Michael Hudson

Though our broadcast of The Real News is limited to 1 hour, we’d also like to share these additional features with you that can be viewed via the following links…

  • Cruz’s Plan to End State Regulation of Health Insurers Would Nationalize Worst Market Practices (http://therealnews
    Responding to the Sanders-Cruz debate, CEPR’s Dean Baker says the Republicans’ plan would deprive sick people of their ability to afford healthcare care
  • Millionaire Fast-Food CEO Puzder Withdraws Name From Labor Secretary Nomination (http://therealnews
    In an earlier interview with The Real News Network, Teofilo Reyes of Restaurant Opportunities Center United said Andrew Puzder is an opponent of the minimum wage and workers protections
  • Behind Romania’s Protests, A Struggle Between Unaccountable Judiciary and Corrupt Politicians (http://therealnews
    CriticAtac co-editor Florin Poenaru says Romania’s political crisis is likely to deepen after the protests begin to recede
  • Rebuking Trump, U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Suspension of Muslim Travel Ban (http://therealnews NULL.S NULL.-Appeals-Court-Upholds-Suspension-of-Muslim-Travel-Ban)
    Center for Constitutional Rights Executive Director Vince Warren says the court rejected arguments Trump’s actions are beyond judicial review
  • Trump’s Remarks on Media Overlook US State Terrorism (http://therealnews
    Donald Trump is right in the sense that the corporate media does not cover terrorism committed by the United States and its allies, says author Beau Grosscup
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