Streaming Tips

Note that when you use the embedded player, it will stop when you leave the page from which you started the player.  It will play as long as you remain on that page.  This is typical behavior for these embedded players and while we will add some additional code to address that issue shortly, we do offer a fairly simple workaround in the meantime.

An easy way to address this is to open a new window / tab and do whatever additional surfing or navigation you wish from that window / tab while allowing the embedded player to continue playing undisturbed. Or…

At the top of the sidebar where it says “copy and paste this link (http://kpftx

  • Hover the cursor over “this link
  • Right Click and when the popup menu appears,
  • click on “Copy Link Location”
  • Paste that into your preferred media player

We stream 128k mp3 files.  You may use Winamp, VLC, iTunes or any of dozens of players that are available and compatible.

If you have questions about players, etc, feel free to ask a question below in the comments section and we will reply as soon as possible.

6 Responses to Streaming Tips

  1. september hood says:

    I tried to web stream and it wouldn’t work. Do I need hight speed internet for it to work? Thanks, September

  2. maria vigil says:

    I am trying to stream the program, but it is continiously going on and off. I do not understand these interruptions. Help, I so want to hear you.

  3. Tom Cooper says:

    Same problem as maria. Help!

    • admin says:

      Hi Tom,

      Need a little more info..

      Which ISP? Gilanet, Signal Peak, Century Link, Comcast?

      Which Browser?

      And is this for the player on our website?

      Have you tried pasting the link – (http://kpftx – into a stand alone player like winamp, VLC, etc?

      Not sure how Maria fixed her problem but she did. Had similar issues with others but some “just cleared up.” If you have a flash player installed and can watch YouTube videos, it should be fine.

      Let us know!

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